Transaction Report on StarGate (thomas fries of sacramento ca)

posted Feb 2, 2011, 3:05 PM by the jestyr
This is the entire transaction report as best as I can lay out for everyone between myself and StarGate. He may run under different names on different websites but he is Thomas Fries of Sacramento Ca. We had agreed on 70.00 (shipped) for 10 space marine bikes and 10 scout bikes. The origional post can be found here I mailed out the postal money order on 12/16/2010 and to this point have received nothing from Mr. Fries. So far I have contacted him via this site and several online dating sites that I was able to tie him to via his IM information that he lists in his Dakka Profile After googling around for the username "thommie_cat" and tying that to any mention of Sacramento Ca I started sending him messages via the respective site (I had to reactive a decades old MySpace account...I felt so dirty). Believe me when I say I have gone to great lengths to track this guy down and have him respond to me. After calling him via my cell phone and getting no answer I signed up for a Google Voice account and picked a number from his area code. He answered that call and after I identified myself he instantly hung up. At this point I have filed Mail Fraud charges and do not expect this individual to hold up his end of the transaction. But I want the Dakka community to be aware of him in case he ever crops back up. 

Anyway here is his relevant information so that others can be forewarned to not do business with this man. 

Thomas Fries 
2617 D st Apt#1 
Sacramento, Ca 95816 

His profile on a dating website 
Another dating website 
Yet another dating website 
His MySpace profile 
...his cats MySpace profile 

Our IM conversation via Dakka... 

2010/12/15 05:11:09 
me: Did you already sell off the entire thing? I was interested in the bikes if they are still around. 

2010/12/15 21:04:26 
him: I have a few bikers left about twenty all together 10 scouts and 10 regular ones 

2010/12/16 14:15:56 
me: If you are interested in getting them out the door, I would do 60 for the whole lot. 

2010/12/16 19:07:30 
him: I can do do that , were is it going too go too need a address? 

2010/12/16 19:34:48 
me: Excellent. Would you prefer PayPal or a money order? 
[my address] 

2010/12/16 19:42:22 
him: money order. 
shipping will be about 10 dollars.... do you want custom resin bases too? 

2010/12/16 19:59:52 
me: Oh I thought that was 60 bucks shipped. But no matter, tis the season and all. If you want to throw in the bases that's fine. Where should I send the money order? 

2010/12/16 20:12:07 
him: Oh trust me you might get more then those bikers... 
I do Casting in resin and metal, If i have extra bikes and guys i'll throw them in plus weapon... (melta, plasma, flamer, powerfist) 

I sold off my Original army which was all GW stuff, But i have my Resin army which i break up for people when they want things that are hard too find or to expensive( like bikes and termies) I dont do vechicle, But i do have molds for robed marines, grey knights, termies, Ravenguard(forgeworld) . 

If you want more bike, just let me know and i will just bill you for the material which 25 plus shipping( it make about 30 to 40 bikes) and you cant tell the difference 

Thomas Fries 
2617 D st Apt#1 
Sacramento, Ca 95816 

2010/12/16 20:41:41 
me: Thanks for the offer on the resin bikes but I think I will pass. I would like to just confirm that the 20 bikes that I will be buying are not resin cast. But other than that we have a deal. 

2010/12/16 21:05:01 
him: No there not resin cast but the weapons melta guns,flamer,powerfist and the beaky helmets are resin rest of the bikes are plastic. 

2010/12/16 21:00:57 
me: Also, just thought I wold throw this out to you. I can send via PayPal and mark it as a "personal payment owed" and there won't be any transaction fees. Assuming that you have it set up with a bank account and not a credit card. Or I can just go with the money order at the Post Office. 

2010/12/16 21:08:03 
him: I just use paypal too send money not too recieve it so its set up as a credit card account. just do a post office M/o it will be find. 

2010/12/16 21:24:15 
me: not a problem. ill head to the post office now and kick that out to you now 

2010/12/16 21:52:38 
me: Done and done. You should have that money order just ask quick as the PO can fly it out there. 

2010/12/16 22:37:52 
him: I'll box them up and get them ready for travel as soon as the MO gets here. 

What is the address im sending it too? 

2010/12/16 22:42:53 
me: [my address] 

2010/12/16 22:48:59 
him: that sounds familar i use too live in Indiana (vinceness) or evansville, is that like on the west side of KY? 

2010/12/16 23:55:13 
me: Yep, I'm pretty close to Paducah and I work at Murray State University. 

2010/12/26 23:14:29 
me: Did the money order get there? If you can't get to it until after the holidays that's fine. I was just checking in on things 

2011/01/04 05:00:07 
me: you still around? 

2011/01/05 18:49:52 
me: I'm kind of hoping this lag in communications is just due to the holidays. So I'll give it one last go and hope you respond. I'll run by the post office sometime this week and send a letter by mail in case you aren't getting these messages. 

2011/01/12 00:25:51 
him: Sorry for the long time with out contact ( i had two family memebers pass away with in two days from each other 23rd of Dec and 25th) My holidaies were crappy dealing with .family stuff and makeing funeral arrangements... Your package is still here will be sending it out on friday with extra stuff( more bikes the you expected) with extra stuff/ 
Sorry for the inconvience and it will out on friday for sure express mail. 

Thomas Fries 
916 585 2535/ 

2011/01/12 01:51:49 
me: No worries man, I'm sorry for your losses. As far as the bikes go, I was a llittle worried but I like to have faith in people. So i wasn't sweating it to bad. Just chuck them in the mail when you get to it. Thanks for letting me know. 

2011/01/24 15:04:27 
me: Haven't seen the bikes roll in yet. Are we good on your end?